4:32pm October 6, 2014

✿ An Unexpected Meeting ✿


     Nef had gone straight over to Sunny’s place after school — it was Friday, and they were planning to run an experiment together, seeing what types of Pinterest recipes turned out the best and why. When he arrived, however - - no one answered the door! It was unlocked, so he carefully crept inside, calling for her. “Sunny…?”

     Not wanting to nose around too much uninvited, he’d made his way to the kitchen and figured he’d get started. Unfortunately, just as he was balancing a number of pots and pans, about to lay them all out in preparation, he tripped over his own pile of cookbooks and spilled them all over the floor. “Ah - no — !” he croaked, panicking slightly as he heard an unfamiliar voice. That could only be Violet, Sunny’s older sister — but they’d never met! This was not going to be the best of first impressions, was it…?


     Nef jumped and spun on his heel at the noise — Violet was there, at the door! He froze and quickly hid a pan behind his back, as though that would clean up the mess. “I - I’m sorry!” he squeaked, forcing a grin. “I jus’ — yeh must be V-Violet, righ’? I’m - er, I’m jus’ waitin’ for Sun…” He stood there awkwardly for a minute, waiting for the verdict.

    Violet blinked at the bumbling boy. He looked to be the same age as her sister.
 ”You’re… waiting for Sunny?”
   She looked around at the pots that were scattered all over the floor.
              — What was he up to in here?
 ”Who are you?”

10:20pm October 4, 2014
((This is as far as my inventing skills go in the real world… Lawl))

((This is as far as my inventing skills go in the real world… Lawl))

11:42am October 4, 2014

Reblog with the face your muse makes right before they’re about to disobey you.


12:58am October 4, 2014

✿ An Unexpected Meeting ✿

                                   [Read head cannon here]

   Violet walked up the stoop of the Baudelaire mansion with her satchel draped over her arm. She had been busy collecting loose materials at Briney Beach for her inventions. Rocks for her Rock Retriever, some rusty coils for her Peppermint Popper, an old boot for her Bolting Bouncer and a few pieces of drift wood for whatever purpose she may have in the future for them. 
  As she stepped into the house she headed towards the staircase. Before she even took a step, she heard what sounded like pots falling and clanging on the floor of the kitchen.
                    — Was Sunny home? Perhaps she was preparing something…

 ”Sunny?” Violet called.
 No response.
                    — Hmm…
    Curious, she walked down the hallway lined with family portraits and peered into the kitchen. There she found a man whom she had never seen before. He wore what appeared to be a white lab coat and glasses…

 Much like what she imagined Klaus would look like if he were a bit older and owned such a lab coat.
   Still, he was a stranger! In their house!
 She threw down her satchel loudly so the man could hear.
 As he spun around she stared him down.
 ”Who are you and why are you in my house?”

10:04pm October 3, 2014






— - Is that all you have to say?

 ”Well it is creepy….”

2:33pm October 2, 2014

((In honor of Halloween approaching, have some eyeball themed treats!))

2:25pm October 2, 2014

This is literally the name of our Fire Department
I don’t know if I should be amazed or scared


This is literally the name of our Fire Department

I don’t know if I should be amazed or scared

2:22pm October 2, 2014
2:19pm October 2, 2014

“I’ll be back soon, don’t burn the house down!”

— Count Olaf’s mom, probably (via freakshowaristocracy)
2:16pm October 2, 2014


Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004), dir. Brian Silberling

"Why, perhaps it’s just the ramblings of an expert fisherman, but grammar is the number one, most important thing in this here world to me."

"Captain Sham… at your service."