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 —   This escalated quickly
—   This escalated quickly
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If you ever wondered what Count Olaf’s bathroom looked like….  Enjoy.

If you ever wondered what Count Olaf’s bathroom looked like….

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"Hello all!"

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  Violet Baudelaire Costume Appreciation

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((I can NOT hear this song without thinking of Olaf…. XD - And I want to SO BADLY put it in the musical… blast you copy write!! lol))

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Happy 4th Everyone!!

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Cabin In The Woods ღ Sunny & Violet


     While Violet worked on the fire, Klaus and Sunny were searching the kitchen. “Noocale?” Sunny suggested. (Can you look in the top cabinents while I look in the fridge?)

     ”Sounds like a good plan, Sunny,” Klaus replied with a smile, starting to search the upper cabinets. There wasn’t much to see; this kitchen was almost as abandoned as Olaf’s was the day he requested the orphans make dinner. Nonetheless, Klaus did manage to find a jar of preserved peaches, a strangely large jar of applesauce, and exactly three cans of alphabet soup. Sunny was a little less successful than her brother, but did find a clean jug of water that was about the size of the girl.  

           { "Find anything?" }

     ”I have peaches, applesauce, and alphabet soup,” Klaus called back, laying the items out on the counter.

     ”Agua!” Sunny exclaimed, pulling the jug of water until it landed with a THUD! near the girl’s feet. (I found water!)


     ”The person who owns this cabin must bring food with them when they stay. The only items that they left are things that don’t expire for a long time,” Klaus thought aloud.

     ”Or, tejatot,” Sunny countered. (Or, the person just forgot those things.)

   “That’s great!”
    Violet stood, rubbing the ashes from her hands on her skirt and looked around for some matches.
  At random she slid open a drawer on the coffee table, where she found coasters, a few checkers and… matches!
    Thank goodness!
    Violet took the matches and flicked one off the side of the pack to create a spark. Once she had it, she knelt by the wood and lit the tips of the paper on fire. After a few moments a few flames spread and they had a fire.
 Lucky for her there was a pile of newspapers lodged under the sofa.
 It would be no problem feeding the fire.

   She walked over to the counter where Klaus had placed the items. Sunny stood with the jug of water by Violet’s leg.
 ”Well,” she said, putting her hands on her hips. “At least we won’t go hungry tonight. I think it might be best if we only keep the fire burning for us to warm up and dry.”
 ”But what if it gets colder later on?” Klaus asked.
 ”We can’t risk Olaf seeing the light…” she said. “Knowing him he might just burst through the door to get to us. Besides… you’ve read books on hunters and camping. It’s never a good idea to keep a fire burning if you’re trying to be sneaky.”
 Klaus nodded, “True. But… we don’t even know where the road is… would Olaf really go tromping all the way around the forest to find us?”
 Violet looked at Sunny, who shared the same thought no doubt.
 ”I wouldn’t put it past him. Or his henchmen…”
  She lifted Sunny up to sit her on the table, so she could partake in the conversation. Klaus lifted the jug of water and placed it on the counter.
 ”I’ll find us some cups…”
 As he opened a few more cabinets, Violet looked at her sister.
 ”What do you make of all these canned foods, Sunny?” she asked. “What should we eat tonight?”
 ”Too bad I can’t find any spices…” Klaus mentioned.
 He had managed to find a few mugs for them to drink from.

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Olaf yelped in pain and quickly knocked Violet to the ground before she had a chance to kick him again. 


Very funny, you worthless brat.” He snarled. “Don’t you ever try and touch me again, or I guarantee you you’ll get seriously injured.”

   Violet’s smile lasted only a few seconds while Olaf yelped in pain. She had managed to make a lunge towards her ribbon, clutched in Olaf’s hands, but before she could Olaf sent her flying onto her back.
     That was going to leave a bruise….
 As he threatened her, she sat up, knowing she would regret what she was about to say…
 ”I am not afraid of you.”